There has been a lot of interest on the story of the Akamba of Paraguay who, for centuries have maintained their identity as Akamba and passed on to their children information of where their ancestors came from for centuries. Such pride in themselves and their people deserves recognition

They suffer to keep their traditions which they had managed to raise to become the signature of all Paraguayans of African descent.

All Africans who went with them to the Americas either as free people – as the Akambas were – or as slaves, as many were – have no recollection of where they came from. The American writer, Alex Healey became an instant star when from fragments of stories his parents kept; he was able to trace a place and a people he could attach his parents to in West Africa.

His book, Roots and subsequent TV series also called Roots led to a stampede in American, as everyone – black or white or yellow – went out to look for their “roots.”

But these are people who don’t know where they came from. The great American doctor Ben Carson was ridiculed into silence when he said his parents came from Turkana in Kenya. It may have been true, but he had no evidence.

How do the Akambas differ? They know exactly who they are and where they came from. They promote the culture of the Akamba from where they came. They promote Kenya. And we should be proud of them.