By Muli wa Kyendo, Executive Director, Syokimau Cultural Centre


Have you read Yoweri Museveni’s “The Confusion, Ingratitude as well as the Danger of the Western Liberals and the Trump Therapy?” If you haven’t I advise you to read it, not only because Mr. Museveni is the President of Uganda and an important African leader,  but because he is a rare breed of African leaders who are willing to screen their thoughts and discuss issues in the open society.

Reading President Museveni’s article makes you aware of the wealth of knowledge, skills and experience that the President has. He has not just been watching the events unfolding in the world, he has been a participant in a significant number of them, helping to shape the world. That, to me, is very commendable.

From Knowledge to Science

But I am saddened to see that the President misses to notice that facts by themselves can make only a very knowledgeable man or woman. The greatness lies in the interpretation you make of those facts – in piecing together those facts to create a fresh insight and understanding. In making a science of it.

Why is Africa suffering today? It is not because it was colonized as Museveni wants us to believe. If Uganda was a half colonized, South Africa was totally colonized. But today, the South African has better living standard than the Ugandan. The Jews were enslaved by the Egyptians, but they emerged much stronger and Jews have continued to influence the world. Indeed, their spread around the world has brought greater benefits to present day Israel.

What is the difference? The difference is the facility to develop and use ideas.  People of latter day Africa have been unable to develop ideas – universally applicable to their unique conditions to move them to the next stage of development. We have instead borrowed and filled our minds with European Darwinian theories of evolution that see societies and development as hierarchical with European civilization at the top. These theories have downgraded and ridiculed African traditional thought and culture. They are the same theories behind attempts to exterminate the Red Indian which Mr. Museveni refers to in the article and which have reduced the African continent to an international beggar who can only do what Mr. Museveni is doing –  keep finding  new masters to serve. So it was the European, now it will be the Chinese. Tomorrow it will be possibly the Indian.

Was Africa like this before? No. Africa was in the forefront of human development. Egyptian and Nubian civilizations remain unequalled even today. The so-called Western civilization had its roots in Greece and Rome – both of which were interconnected with Africa and whose civilizations were borrowed from Egypt.

Africa needs to take its position in the leadership of the world today. To do that its men and women must learn to explain to the world African ideas, show how the ideas can create a basis for positive development, reinstate the dignity of African thought, and therefore restore the dignity of the African.

 The Bible says, the greatest battle is fought in the invisible realm – in the minds of men and women. In African, our minds are beclouded by half backed theories of “small is beautiful” and Darwinism. Ideas precede action and action creates development. We must conceive our transformed future before we can make strides to achieve it. This can best be done with ideas based on African cultures that are more familiar with African natural conditions and the thinking and traditions that have consequently developed.

African Science

African science is based on belief in a super being – God – who made the world with its intricate design together with its problems and solutions. All we need to do, the African believes, is to find the solution that God designed for the problems that beset humanity. In western science, such ideas are relegated to metaphysical theories and superstition. The humbug theories of Big Bang are preferred, and, in deed are taught in all schools in Africa. But is the Big Bang theory of creation superior to the God centered creation theory? So if there was a Big Bang, where did the object that made the Big Bang come from?

Limits of Big Bang Theories, Darwinism and Evolution

A Christian in a Russian indoctrination class asked the Russian atheist  what he would deduce if, walking deep in a forest, he found a table well laid out with food. “You would deduce that a human being had been in the forest,” the Christian informed the atheist. “It’s only a human being who can do that.”  Man found a world with all things well arranged – trees that breathe in carbon dioxide that Man must breathe out and breathes out oxygen that Man must breathe in to live; the sun that lights the day during which time Man must work and disappears at night during which time Man must sleep, and so on and so forth with unfailing interconnectedness and regularity. So who created the order of Nature? It must have been the power behind the Big Bang object. Certainly not a Big Bang object.

Achievements of African God-Centred Theories

Is a belief in Super Being or God useless or primitive? Not at all.  With it, unlike modern science, there isn’t a time when you say “that is the end of human knowledge!” as does the Big Bang theorists are forced to say when asked about the creator of the Big Bang object.

 I will mention only three of the glaring successes of the application of African theories.

  1. A belief in God – which is typically African – is the only idea known to humanity for creating hope and faith necessary for human existence. It isn’t by accident that the greatest religions in the world today had their roots in Africa.
  2. With African science most of the plant based modern medicines were discovered.
  3. African science allowed better management of the environment, fauna and flora. That is why we still have animals in the continent despite the fact that Africa is the oldest known continuously inhabited continent.

Mr. Museveni stands in a great position to make himself and Uganda a champion of true African liberation. He could enable Uganda to become the home of African intellectual revival – and he would not even need to keep fighting to remain President of the country. He would become the president of a much greater world who would willingly bow to him.