University teachers have rejected Sh10 billion offered to them by the government and vowed to continue with their strike, now in its fourth week. “We are going to intensify the strike come next week, Universities Academic Staff Union (UASU), said.

He urged chapter secretaries from the various universities to take a leading role in mobilizing members.


“Let everyone beware of fake news,” union Secretary-General Constantine Wasonga said during a press conference in Nairobi.

The lecturer said the money was too little for all cadres of university staff which number more than 30,312 public university staff.  They also said they did not understand how the State arrived at the figure as they had only been called to sign the accept – a thing they refused to do.

“That is not how negotiations are done. Negotiations are bargains – you give your figure and I give mine,” Dr Wasonga said.

“For academic staff, the portion of Sh10 billion translates to Sh3.2 per cent compounded increment on basic salary and 1.6 per cent on house allowance,” he said.

He added that Sh2 billion would go to the employer as employees’ component of pension contributions yet academic staff are still to contribute pension from a 3.2 per cent basic salary increase.

Pay As You Earn

Dr Wasanga said with statutory deductions and Pay As You Earn, lecturers will be left with very little.

“The union will not tire and will remain restless until our rights are honoured,” he said, adding that lecturers have resolved not to call off the strike until the deal is sealed.

The strike has affected learning at 33 public universities across the country, with about 500,000 students left stranded. The students have expressed fears that the strike would prolong the duration of their studies.

More than 8,000 lecturers are participating in the strike.