A new deal entered between striking doctors and President Uhuru Kenya will raise the earnings of the least paid doctors to Sh196,989, up from the current Sh140,244 if accepted by the doctors. The deal was reached to end the month-long strike by doctors that have paralyzed medical services throughout the country.

The doctors had vowed not to return to work despite efforts by the ministries of Health and Labour to end the strike.

After a six-hour meeting, Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union Secretary-General Ouma Oluga said they appreciated the President’s effort.

“We have not reached any agreement, but we thank the President for convening the meeting. He was concerned about our issues and we talked at length. We had a fruitful engagement and we appreciated there are challenges,” Dr Oluga said.

The doctors will now discuss the deal and hopefully end the strike which has seen many deaths and raised doubts about Kenya Government concern for the welfare of the average Kenyan.

Prof Lukoye Atwoli of the Kenya Medical Association said: “The government and the President should apologize to the people who lost relatives they will never get back and those whose health deteriorated during the strike.”

Kenya produces 600 doctors a year but many do not get employed by counties, a medical association official has said, painting a grim picture of the public health sector.

The doctor to patient ratio is one to 17,000 against WHO’s ratio of one to 1,000, revealed the study by the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union.