A few weeks after receiving its charter, Machakos University is now getting ready to spread its influence.  And it has started with an advertisement for quotations for strategic plan. The closing date for application is November 4, 2016.

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for the consultant is as follows:

(a) To review and give an experts’ opinion on the current draft strategic plan and make recommendations taking into consideration the University Statutes.

(b) To take the University Management through the revised draft strategic plan.

(c) To take the University Council and Management through the revised strategic plan in a workshop.

(d) To submit a final strategic plan ready for printing after incorporating the suggestions and recommendations from the workshop

Duration of the consultancy

The consultancy is expected to be completed within a period of thirty days after signing of the contract.

The advertisement emphasizes that the consultant, should be an individual and not a consulting firm. Your application should include:

(a) His or her comprehensive curriculum vitae.

(b) Work schedule with clear milestones.

(c) Requirements from the client (Note that the Draft Strategic is ready and has been reviewed internally)

(d) Quotation for the works

(e) Evidence of previous similar works undertaken for a University and/or a public institution

Land for expansion

The university is also looking for a 10 acre piece of land in Machakos County or surrounding counties for purchase to expand its infrastructure.

Requirements are as follows:

(1.) Should have a total acreage of not less than ten (10) acres as a single piece or co-joined pieces.

(2.) The land should be within Machakos County or its neighbouring Counties and ideal for setting a campus.

(3.) The land should have a valid title deed.

(4.) The land should be free of any encumbrances or any legal or family tussle.

(5.) Be situated along/close to an all-weather road.

The university has a severe shortage of hostels for its growing number of students and many  people  expect increasing facilities for students within the Machakos campus to be the top priority for the university. It is also expected that the university,  which as operated without regard to the needs of the surrounding community,  will begin to make itself relevant even as it tries to find its place within the national and international academic world.