What the Jubilee government is giving the Kisii to win their support in the forthcoming general elections was outlined by president Uhuru Kenyatta during his recent tour of the area. Here is a list;

  1. The Government has launched key roads in Kisii and Nyamira. These are the Ksh 1.9 billion Mogonga-Kenyenya-Riokindo-Magenche-Mariba-Nyagancha-Ebegere-Daraja Road and the Marani Road at a cost of Ksh 2 billion in Kisii. In Nyamira, the President launched the Ksh 547.4 million Mosobeti-Kebirigo Road.“Infrastructure is a key ingredient to unlocking the economic potential,” President Kenyatta said.
  2. Planned construction of an additional 200 kilometres of roads in the area. The President said that the government will in the next two months issue tenders for the construction of more roads in the densely populated region.
  3. The government has invested more than Ksh 1.45 billion through the Managed Equipment Service project in the two counties.
  4. The Managed Equipment Service project at Nyamira Level 5 and Kisii Level 6 Teaching and Referral hospitals valued at Ksh 700 million and Ksh 750 million respectively. “Working together with county governments, we want to ensure that Kenyans have access to specialized medical services whenever they need them, ” President Kenyatta said
  5. Electricity, President Kenyatta said that the government has connected 750 primary schools to electricity in Kisii and 410 in Nyamira in the last three years. “The beauty of this project is that homesteads within a radius of 600 metres from the connected primary schools will get supplied with electricity at an affordable cost,” President Kenyatta explained.