The Machakos Cooperative Union has recently changed the look of its website making it more attractive, more accessible. You can see the changes at

The thing about the union is that it is the only marketing arm of coffee cooperatives in Machakos and Makueni counties.  Because of this its membership is large. In fact, it has 81 affiliate co-operative societies with more than a total of 70,000 individual coffee farmers grouped into 34 cooperative societies.

List of coffee societies in Machakos and Makueni Counties

The societies include giant cooperatives such as:

  • Kasinga,
  • Ithaeni,  
  • Kayatta,
  • Kakuyuni,
  • Kaliluni,
  • Kambusu,
  • Kamuthanga,
  • Katelembo,
  • Kawethei,
  • Kikima,
  • kilalani,
  • Kingoti,
  • Kithangathini,
  • Kitwii,
  • Muisuni,
  • Misakwani,
  • Mbilini,
  • Mitaboni,
  • Kwa Kiinyu,
  • Kyaume,
  • Mungala,
  • Musilili,
  • Muthunzuuni,
  • Mwatate,
  • Ndithini,
  • Ngomano,
  • Sengani,
  • Tendelyani and
  • Katheka kai .

Some Services of MCU to Farmers

The Union undertakes:

  • Training of farmers,
  • Provision of subsidized farm inputs so as to increase coffee production.

So far the Union is operating four stores spread within the regions where farmers can buy subsidized products.

MCU has established coffee nurseries in all our societies for increased tree planting. The target for each of the societies is to plant 100,000 seedlings every year. The effort has increased production and earnings for farmers.

Milling Plant

Recently, MCU opened a milling plant in Machakos town to assist farmers to save money on transportation and losses incurred in long when travelling.

It has also introduced branded coffee for retail selling which it is aggressively promoting around the world.

Visit its website and see what more you can get