Narok is one of the richest counties in Kenya with a variety of attractive investment opportunities. Its main opportunities lie in tourism, agro-processing, energy; education, health, and infrastructure are the major focus for Narok County to attract investors.

  • In tourism, Narok boasts of the rich Maasai culture and the famous Maasai Mara Game reserve, which attracts 700,000 tourists annually.
  • Wheat and barley production, beef, dairy, maize, wildlife and cultural tourism are the main sources of income for the local community. “We have profiled possible investment opportunities in processing of wheat and barley, potatoes, legumes, fruits and vegetables, milk and beef, fish as well as hides and skins tannery,” Governor Samuel Tunai said. “We have established that there are sufficient volumes to attract investment. Value addition will improve earnings for our farmers,” the Governor told the investors. Statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture show that Narok County has an annual wheat production of t 200,000 MT and a maize production of 300,000 MT. Mr Tunai said that only 28 per cent of arable land is under cultivation with land suitable for cultivation of cereals such as wheat and maize, currently approximated to 1.15 million acres out of the 17,921.2 km2 (6,919.4 sq mi).

Potatoes and Beef

  • There is potential for production of a variety of products from potatoes including crisps, beef, hides from shoes, hoof’s and cereals.
  • Investors also have an opportunity to exploit potato and tomato processing with large scale farming in Naroosura and vegetables, legumes and sugar cane in Transmara.
  • In the dairy sector, Mr Tunai told investors that presently, the total cattle population in Narok — beef and dairy — is approximately 1.5 million, providing a potential for setting up a modern abattoir for meat processing. The abattoir is projected to have the capacity to slaughter 1,000 cows on a daily basis. The current daily raw milk production in Narok is approximately 225,000 litres. Mr Tunai expressed confidence that the dairy milk processing factory would be the best choice for any investor ready to come in to exploit the potential.


  • Hotels in the region have a bed capacity of just 3,000 and most of them are located in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. This sector also offers great opportunity for investors. For example visitors to the investor conference in Narok town had to seek accommodation in hotels in the Mara lodges and tented camps, Narok town and Nairobi to host some of the guests for the two-day forum.

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