Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho is the new Chair of Steering Committee Working Group on Communication and Counter Narratives of the prestigious Global Strong Cities Network. This is an extraordinary achievement for Governor Joho and Mombasa at the world stage.

Launched at the United Nations in September 2015, the Strong Cities Network (SCN) is the first ever global organization of mayors, city leaders, governors, municipal-level policy makers and practitioners. The Strong Cities Network serves as a vital tool to strengthen capacity-building and improve collaboration among top cities of the world. The network is backed by the US State Department and administered in the UK by the Institute of Strategic Dialogue.


According to a statement by the ODM which sponsored Mr, Joho, the Governor’s new role will place Mombasa County at the apex of a network of global cities thus opening an avenue of economic opportunities. This innovative platform will foster collaboration and enable cities to learn from one another, to develop best practices and to build social cohesion and community resilience here at home and around the world.

“This recognition comes a matter of great pride for Mombasa County and Kenya, which is struggling to rebuild its tourism industry, that its governor will now be heading a major international network of cities.

“Governor Joho is so deserving of this recognition given his proactive leadership of Mombasa County. Joho’s role is also that of an effective ambassador for both Mombasa and Kenya in overall. This appointment is deemed as that which will serve as a positive influence on the youth of Mombasa and Kenya and motivate them to aspire for global positions,” the ODM statement said.