We are pleased to see that many more people have come forward to speak out about the need for caution when implementing the Northern Water Tunnel project that aims to source water from Muranga County to Nairobi City.

Fears have been expressed about the potential dangerous consequences of the project including the lowering of the water level of the Masinga Dam which is the source of more than 80 per cent of electricity consumed in Kenya.

Economic collapse which can occur does not just affect opposition leader Raila Odinga who raised the alarm about the project, it doesn’t affect only the people of Ukambani where the dam is located, it affects everyone even those in Central Kenya who might be tempted to support it for the sake of politics.

Those who have expressed concern include politicians and ordinary people from Muranga County itself, politicians from Nyanza, Ukambani and Mombasa. That is the kind of unity we want to see.

As a publication, Investment News opposes people who delay implementation of development projects on triviality or because of greed. We have expressed this point time and again. But this is not the case with the Northern Water Tunnel project.