According to Kengen, the Kenyan power generating company, Kenyans may soon be using cheap power. This is because the damns that generate power are full of water and geothermal power generation is enough to  make a difference in prices.

This is not a new promise. When geothermal power stations were commissioned by President Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenyans were told to expect cheaper power within a few months. The months came and went. And instead of cheaper power, prices for electricity increased—as indeed the prices of all goods and services increased in the country.

Kenyans were told there had been a delay in adjusting prices. And that was the last that was said about power.

It is obvious that something is not right in the power generating company or in the government. Power generating resources litter the country—and people have said some are available in such large quantities that they can even supply the world for years. But we continue to suffer elementary problems such as power outages.

And that will be so until develop new values as a nation and get rid of tribalism, nepotism and corruption.