The Syokimau Cultural Centre, a Kenyan cultural organization, has issued a statement requesting the government of Paraguay to give more information on the Akamba of Paraguay – the Kamba Cue.

There has been a lot of interest in the community which, it is understood, originated from Kenya, the original home of the Akamba also known as Kamba.

Traditionally, the Akamba were long distance traders with their trade activities covering most of Eastern Africa. They particularly concentrated on the Kenyan coast where they exchanged iron ore with Arabs, Indians and other races who passed through the area.

It is because of this extensive trade network that they came into contact with Europeans who passed through the coast en route to India or to Zanzibar.  Their activities made them guides for many visitors to the interior of Africa – a situation that could have exposed to Europeans going further afield including the Americas.

The stories that Kenyans have about the community regard their steadfast belief in the Kamba culture and their identification with Africa, Kenya and the Akamba of Kenya, a stand for which they have been – and continue to be – oppressed by the Paraguayan authorities.

The Syokimau Cultural Centre statement urges the authorities in Paraguay give more information on the community and its condition.

The Syokimau Cultural Centre is UNESCO-recognized organization that promotes inter ethnic peace through literature.

Stories of the Kamba Cue were published in the ‘Travel and Culture’ section of