Many Kenyans are of the opinion that Moses Kuria, the MP for Gatundu is not a man to take seriously. And there is truth in this. But on the issue of the International Criminal Court case against Kenya’s Vice President William Ruto, Kenyans should listen to him.

In his sensational disclosure Mr Kuria told at a prayer rally for Mr Ruto at Kapsokwony, Mt Elgon, on Sunday that he was part of a group, which included Ms  Martha Karua, then powerful Justice Minister in the retired President Mwai Kibaki government,  that conjured up allegations and witnesses to influence the trial of the DP over the 2007-2008 post-election violence.

He further claimed that Mr Raila Odinga, a partner in the Coalition government of DP and ODM, was involved in a “political game” to fix opponents by asking the ICC to investigate them.

Ms Karua, however, denied any involvement in the instigation of investigations against Mr Ruto. “My duties as the Minister for Justice did not include any investigation or search for witnesses, nor the identification or procurement of the witnesses for the case,” she said vowing to sue the Gatundu MP if he didn’t apologize.

Raila on his part, has called the disclosure an answer to the current prayers being held for Ruto. Those who fixed Ruto are now coming out, Raila said, and the truth will be known.

And we support Raila is his attitude. We can only know the truth when those who know it speak out. Granted that the Kuria says the list they prepared – and which was taken up by the Luis Moreno Ocambo, ICC prosecutor.

Kuria’s disclosure seems to answer the question that puzzled every Kenya: Why did Ogambo choose equal numbers from DP and ODM for prosecution at the ICC?  Since blame cannot have been so equally shared, it was obvious that some fixing was done by somebody, somewhere. Kuria is giving us clues as who did it, where and why. Let’s not silence him. Even if he is wrong, he opened a fresh angle, which seems more likely to take Kenyans to the right place.