No one can understand why the government puts efforts on meaningless things such as primary school laptops when there are more urgent things to do. We have pointed out the need to exploit underground water resources in places like Turkana where water is said to be plentiful underground. Two or three large wells that can provide water for humans, animals and irrigation would have earned the Jubilee government many points for being re-elected.

With such basic projects, President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto would not need to keep roaming the country looking for contentious projects to launch as government activities. When asked what the government has done for wananchi, the President and his deputy would only need to point to the wells, the healthy humans and animals, flourishing shambas and plentiful food and let them talk on their behalf – literally putting action where the mouth is.

As it is, much of their effort has been spent on laptops that are dependent on electricity which electricity is dependent on rain and which rain has refused to fall down.  Without rain, the rivers are drying and electricity costs will begin to stagger all but the very rich. Power rationing may result. Now where is the sense in laptops?


I think the President and his deputy have some terrible advisers – very ignorant or very malicious. I don’t know, but I believe that the two gentlemen just grabbed anyone who came posing as an expert without the benefit of the Kiswahili saying that Kibaya chayitembeza. Kizuri chayiuza. Or perhaps they have fallen prey to perusing names to see if they read like those they are familiar with. It’s a vice that sadly Kenyans suffer.

The President and his deputy need to be reminded to rise up to the occasion that their positions demand. No one becomes a president or deputy president when they are kijana.  It’s a bad title to give yourself. It retards the mind and thinking. Where I come from, Kijana is a kivinya nyama – “leg fellows” sent about by the “real men” to roast meat for them asap.

That is why Jomo Kenyatta, quickly became a mzee when he took over power.  And people respected him, not just because he detained them but because he was a mzee – a wise old man.

Amazingly, the whole of the country is now without water. Two more months without the precious liquid and there will be nothing else to talk about but drought, famine and death. Yes, drought, famine and death. And no laptops.