By Muli wa Kyendo


One of the interesting stories I have read recently concerned an Indian guru. The guru lived in an isolated village and was supplied with food by the villagers. In the village, there lived a thief who, although he tried to feed the guru, the guru resolutely refused to take his food.

One day the thief went to the local hotel and ordered for food to be specially prepared and given to the guru.  Unsuspecting the guru ate the food.

Krishna Statue

That night the guru woke up with a great compulsion to steal the statue of Krishna. He tried to control himself but he could not.  He crept to the statue and snatched it. But the villagers had seen him. He fled with the statue with the villagers hotly pursuing. Then an idea came to him. He dived into a river and started washing the statue, chanting. The villagers thought he had only meant to wash the statue and joined in. The guru and the villager returned the clean statue and set back it where it was.

When the Guru asked the hotel the source of the food, he was told it came from the thief.

Moral of Story

The moral this strange and moving story is clear: It’s not just the things you do, but the things you receive, the things you eat that can contaminate you.

We wonder why greedy churches have lost authority, why politicians and senior officials are cleaning public coffers – they are compulsive thieves because they have received money from thieves, drug dealers and all.

Don’t now wonder why they are still looting when what they have could maintain than comfortably for the 2,000 years, according to Cord co-principal Raila Odinga. In fact my calculations are that they would still be climbing up to Shs600 million – far away from the Shs1 billion they steal!