The manner in which the KTN has chased away its top rated show host Jeff Koinange reminds me of the way newspapers would get rid of a politically unwanted editor. The newspapers would pressure such an editor to quit voluntarily. And when that didn’t work, they would heap more pressure with complains of “terrible drop in copy sales.”  And when that didn’t work also, they would “plant” a story that would certainly provoke displeasure from the government.

Even before the government complaint was received, the newspaper would produce a special “afternoon edition” with screaming headline announcing the editor’s sacking.


The issues complained about may be significant but a warning – and more control plus an apology – could possibly have righted the wrong. After all the people involved – Miguna Miguna and Esther Passaris – are people seeking public office. Much will be said about them – some of it true, most of it possibly lies and conjectures.  As they say, anyone seeking public office should growth thick skin and a high sense of humor to keep moving. 

Jeff says his show had already released 300 episodes in three years with 10 million viewers per episode. With these figures he will get another job – possibly at K24 where he started when returned from CNN and where, we understand, the station is desperate to make a mark on the national scene ahead of the general election in August. Nevertheless, it’s sad ending for a popular show.


Here is part of Jeff’s signing off comments:

“About a week ago we had a programme that deteriorated into something ugly where two guests went at each other; really out of control and there are some people out there who probably thought I should have done a better job in controlling the guests and I agree looking back… but in a live television, it’s always difficult..

“But I agree, I’m man enough to man up to that, and if there is anyone who was aggrieved by that show, anyone who felt it wasn’t up to par, I didn’t do a good job, I apologize so that we can move on. It was regrettable in most parts but again, it was one show out of 300 that we’ve done here at KTN the last three years.

“And having said that, this will be the final Jeff Koinange Live right here on KTN …we’ll take a break, but rest assured JKL will be back on another station in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for that, we’ll keep you posted on social media and on our networks. JKL is not going anywhere, it’s just changing homes.”