Simon Ng’ang’a King’ara, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Simon Ng’ang’a King’ara Foundation, wants churches to start saccos for their members.  And for the next 6 months he will be “on amission” to educate the churches on how to start saccos also known as savings and credit cooperatives. A

Mr. Ng’ang’a says churches should also focus on fostering entrepreneurship among its members by encouraging and teaching entrepreneurship among them/

He told worshipers at the AIPCA Kimuri church in Ruiru  that churches play an important role in shaping the society and as such, should also be responsible for empowering the society’s members economically.

Mr Nganga who is a philanthropist said “I am setting out on a 6 months journey of teaching Saccos and investment to churches across Kiambu county so that they can deliberate among themselves and form sacco.”

Nganga joins a growing group of Kenyas who are urging for the strengthening of the sacco movement as a viable way of increasing investments in counties and creating and distributing wealth.