A total of 28 financial institutions are being investigated for their role in transactions involving theft of over Shs6.3 billion from the National Youth Service (NYS). It is expected that the investigations will reveal the people who were paid the stolen money.

Among the people sought is one who was  paid Sh45,137,931 on September 11, 2015 through Paramount Universal Bank, Koinange Street Branch, where the “nature of supply” is indicated as cut away model piston pump and where only the name of the firm, Blue Star Enterprises, is given, reports said.

List of banks

The following is a list of the some of the banks and the amount of money transacted through them.

  1. Family Bank leads with a transaction figure of Sh1,518,396,795
  2. Equity Bank where transactions of Sh1,173,390,407
  3. Kenya Commercial Bank where Sh416.3 million
  4. African Banking (Sh546 million),
  5. Barclays Bank (Sh445.8 million),
  6. Jamii Bora (Sh342.4 millions),
  7. Co-operative Bank (Sh302.3 million),
  8. NIC Bank (Sh323.4 million)
  9. Bank of Africa Kenya (Sh166.8 million).
  10. Consolidated Bank where transactions worth Sh163 million were made within the period
  11. Chase Bank (Sh152.4million),
  12. I&M bank Sh88.9 million,
  13. Guarantee Trust (Sh86million),
  14. Standard Chartered (Sh73.8 million),
  15. Sidian Bank (Sh59 million)
  16. Paramount Investment Bank (Sh47.8 million)
  17. Giro Commercial Bank through where Sh42.4 million was paid.