Watching and listening to the Youth Investment Forum  in Kisii organized by ODM and the Kisii County , you were impressed by the seriousness of the participants. Unlike other investment forums where  those who will ask questions have been picked in advance to create good public relations, in the Kisii forum, it was obvious people were asking genuine question. And the replies from Governor James Ongwae and ODM leader Raila Odinga were genuine.

Politics was kept to bare minimum. And no abusive language was used against anyone.

The youth were concerned about the benefits they were getting from the Angwae administration and those that they would get if the voted for Cord – ODM is one of the parties that form Cord Coalition with Raila being one of the three principals – read presidential hopefuls of Cord.

People living with albinism, after years of discrimination are aggressively coming up to claim their rightful place in the country. Whether they are in Central Kenya, former eastern provinces or western, they are united. They are speaking the language and making demands of inclusion. And that is as it should be.

ODM believes that the best way to help the you is not to dish out money to them, but to give them training in skills that can be converted into business. When they start business, they will have greater change of success and will therefore create jobs for others, according to Raila.

This point is so obvious; it is amazing that it is missed. Not every youth wants to get into the hustle of starting and running a businesses. Businesses are insecure ways of making money. Many people – some say even upto 70 per cent – want secure income.

Kisii is a fast growing town. And according to some reports, it is also fast developing a pool of millionaires with money for goods and services. Indeed, car wash entrepreneurs complained to the governor about the problem of washing very expensive cars under very poor conditions.

In a place like Kisii where heavy rains are daily occurrence, there is a steady stream of cars needing washing. No wonder, there is a strong association of car wash industry.