Justice Roselyn Nambuye understands the needs of business community – keeping the money circulating in the economy. And to do that, if appointed the next Chief Justice, she will ensure that cases related to businesses are fast-tracked.

When the circulation of money is blocked in unending cases, the economy gets into trouble, Nambuye told commissioners of the Judicial Service Commission of Kenya when explaining how the Court is related to the economy of the country.

Nambuye will also not allow petty injunctions to delay such cases.

One of the big problems in Kenya is that related to the acquisition of private land by the government for public development purposes. Lawyers eyeing more money from the government have been known to collude with land owners to unduly raise prices or increase demands leading to court cases that delay implementation of public projects.


A good example is in Kitui where coal mining has been delayed by endless cases. Similar cases slowed the construction of Konza Techno City, a project expected to be a key mover of the economy and to provide jobs for nearly all secondary school leavers when completed.

Nambuye is one of the applicants for the post of Kenya’s Chief Justice (CJ) following the early retirement of Justice Willy Mutunga to allow enough time for the appointment of the next CJ ahead of next elections in August 2017.

Nambuye said she would be analysis of processes and the application of law and not be led by personal opinions. “I am not afraid to rule even against myself,” she said when asked if she would reopen cases where she was unfairly treated if appointed CJ.

Nambuye, one of only two women applicants for the top job, has been twice removed by tribunals appointed to vet judges and magistrates and in both cases she has been reinstated after proving her innocence.

In one instance, she was accused of taking too long to finalize cases but the truth, she said, was that she was running two courts that are far apart – one in Eldoret and the other in Machakos – leaving her very little time to write her ruling. It was a situation she had informed the then CJ Bernard Chunga who ruled that she should continue regardless.

Nambuye said one of advantages she has gained from her detractors is that she has developed a firm belief in God, learned to appreciate the importance of respecting others and the needs of women and children.