An estimated Sh4 billion is what green grams farmers in Kitui County are expected to earn in four months from their crop.  The crop takes just that long from planting to harvest and its market in Kenya is assured.

Green grams farming is part of the new Kitui County Governor Charity Ngilu’s ambitious programme to drive hunger away from Kitui County and to raise incomes and living standards of the County’s population.

The project labelled, “Ndengu Revolution” targets some 200,000 farmers and is being carried out by the County Government in partnership with the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS).

Cost and Income

And while launching the project in Kitui, gave the mathematics behind the project to underline its potential to transform farming in Kitui County.

“Each household will be issued with a 2Kgs packet of certified seeds which is enough for planting in a one acre farm.

“Each farmer will need seeds costing Sh 500.  The county government will pay Sh250 for each farmer while KRCS will top up the balance of the other Shs 250.

“This will cost us just about Ksh 100 million. If each kilogramme yields a bare minimum of 90 kgs, this will give us a total of 36 million kilogrammes which when sold at Sh100 per kilo gives us a total of Ksh 3.6 billion in just one four month season.

Food Self-Sufficieny

Dr. Abbas Gullet of the KRCS said his organization was ready to cooperate with county governments and NGO to ensure that Kenya becomes food self-sufficient again. “At independence, Kenya was a net food producer and exporter. It is a big shock that we have now fallen back into a food aid nation” he said

And Ngilu said, ““We are walking towards kicking relief food out of Kitui County and never again shall our people sit at chiefs’ camps for portions from charitable organisations.”

Under the partnership programme, the County will also rehabilitate 20 boreholes, install water pipeline and water points as part of the emergency interventions to supply water to communities.