‘Over billion cups of coffee per day, yet coffee farmers and their families are still living in poverty’


The International Coffee Organization and Oxfam have joined forces to deliver an  amazing fundraising initiative in connection with the first official International Coffee Day on October 1st

Globally we drink over billion cups of coffee per day, yet coffee farmers and their families are still living in poverty.  Coffee4Change is an online and in store initiative with the objective of celebrating coffee in its entirety, whilst raising critical funds for Oxfam’s work in coffee growing communities around the world

The Coffee4Change initiative will launch on October 1st and be live in store during the month of October and for an indefinite period online.

The Official Launch Event of Coffee4Change will take place during the Global Coffee Forum at  EXPO 2015, Milan, Italy.


Coffee4Change was born out of the old tradition still found in most coffee bars where when someone experiences good fortune they will order an extra  cup of coffee as an anonymous act of charity and kindness. When someone less fortunate visits  the coffee bar they are served the coffee left by the generous donor.

“The initiative is the same and Coffee4Change will be communicated through participating Oxfam Affiliates the world over,” says a statement released by the ICO.


The online campaign brings a fresh, new, and fun perspective to the tradition, generally by its Italian name of Caffé Sospeso ,and invites coffee loving  consumers to help raise much needed funds and awareness of Oxfam’s work  within coffee growing countries all over the world.  It does this by allowing them to buy and share a virtual coffee through their social media channels or via email starting from the campaign website coffee4change.oxfam.org


The campaign will also be available within participating coffee chains in Italy, America, New Zealand, Ireland and Hong Kong.

The In Store campaign will involve the real custom of Caffé Sos peso where customers will  be able to leave a real donation, the cost of a cup of coffee (or two)” when purchasing their  daily cup of coffee.


Oxfam runs coffee projects all over the world.” We work in solidarity with farmers and workers to increase their business skills, organize themselves, access markets and improve their crops. But we need to fund these projects and at the moment we have a shortfall of around € 1.2 million for our work. 75% of funds raised by the Coffee4Change initiative will go directly to support a range of Oxfam’s programs in coffee growing communities around the world,” says Oxfam

Projects that will receive support through this initiative are in Haiti, Honduras, East Timor, Papua New Guinea and Uganda.