Hundreds of Kenyan traders have returned home bare-handed after fleeing ethnic wars in Southern Sudan. The Kenyans —hundreds of small business men and women and large corporations—had moved to the country to fill in a big need for services and goods after the country freed itself from  an oppressive regime in Northern Sudan a few years ago. But no sooner had they become free than they turned their guns against each other.

Kenya government rescued some 100 of the business men and women and returned them to safety in Kenya—all of them without anything to show for their labour In Southern Sudan. But all of them were happy to be back home.

One of them Millicent Anyango, told reporters in Nairobi, “We spent days hungry during the fighting in South Sudan. We slept under the beds with our kids. Life was so hard during the fight.”

Sleepless Nights

And Hilda Awino, told the reporters, ‘I am feeling comfortable [that] at last I know I will sleep. Even without food I know I will be okay. The situation is still bad. People there keep telling us the situation will worsen in the next seven days. We had to leave.”

Kenya government officials who accompanied the evacuation team said “We have one man that has a bullet wound. And he has been flown in. There have been unconfirmed rumours on social media. We are working with the intelligence to confirm them. But there are no casualties.”’

Despite promises by President Salva Kiir that all is safe in Southern Sudan, fierce battles between his soldiers and those of estranged Vice President Riek Machar have so far  killed at least 300 people and displaced 42, 000 others.

Other countries that have evacuated their citizens included neighbouring Uganda whose army marched in the country even as  President Kiir said he would not allow foreign troops in Southern Sudan. The war is a major topic in the on-going Africa Union (AU) meeting in Rwanda.