Yearly income to farmers using the Yatta Irrigation Canal is to expected to rise to Sh2 billion when the project is rehabilitated. Currently the farmers are earning Sh660 million per year.

The canal covers 59 kilometers and benefits some 500,000 families who also use water for domestic consumption.

Rehabilitation of the canal, located in Machakos County, will cost the national Government Sh2.2 billion

More people are expected to benefit from the project whose rehabilitation was initiated by President Uhuru Kenyatta at the start of his tour of Ukambani region.

During the occasion in the mainly opposition dominated area, the president said, “I am confident that if adequate water is provided, Ukambani has the potential to produce food for its consumption and surplus that can be sold to other regions.

“We are implementing development projects in all parts of the country because we want to improve the lives of Kenyans. We firmly believe that this is time for development projects not misplaced political competition.”

The canal was constructed by the Mau Mau war prisoners during the fight for Kenya’s liberation from British colonial administration.