The test of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s sincerity in fighting corruption in his government has come soon after he said he had emptied the prisons of 7,000 petty criminals to create room for big thieves of public money: A fresh scandal of theft of over Sh5 billion – the biggest ever – has broken out in the Ministry of Health.

Daily Nation dramatically reports:  “Kenyans are outraged and shocked” by the massive theft.

Top Ministry of Health officials, it is said, stole the money through manipulation of the Integrated Financial Management System, diversion of funds, and double payment for goods.

The theft is five times more than the infamous Sh791 million National Youth Service swindle which was discovered last year has occupied Kenyans since then up to now.

Like in the case of the National Youth Service, the Ministry of Health theft also involved payments of millions of shillings to phony suppliers.

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission detectives have raided the Ministry’s headquarters at Afya House over the theft but with its track record, the action does not give much hope to Kenyans.

What they what to see is what President Kenyatta will do about the theft. His anger at the failure of the anti-graft agencies – including the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission – to successfully fight the vice seemed genuine.

With the judiciary, the  President also was angered by what he said was the speed of judges to release suspects of grand corruption.

Speaking directly to the new Chief Justice Mr.David Maraga during the Mashujaa Day cerebrations in Machakos town, President Kenya expressed his hope that the Chief Justice will act against the corrupt individuals. “I have released 7,000 petty offenders to create room,” he said.