‘It has always been our dream’

Taifa sacco wasn’t confortable without a presence in  Nairobi. “We have to be at the centre of financial powerhouse of East Africa,” its General Manager, Mr Samuel Ngugi says. “The sacco has gained value, it has improved its image by moving to Nairobi.”

The Nyeri-based  sacco started off  as Murata Sacco Society and was registered in 1997 as a farmers cooperative.

But it wasn’t happy to operate in an enclave. It had a big ambition—to improve the lives of its members “in Kenya and other parts of the world.”

But conditions of cooperatives were such that it confined itself to its registered area of operation. Now, with the change of laws of cooperative, the sacco is ready to take on the world.

“We are strategically ready (to open a branch in Nairobi). It’s a dream come true.,”

To take on Nairobi, the sacco has established  an elaborate ICT management system, rolled out M-Taifa mobile banking and interlinked its branches. It also specially trained its staff to serve the new branch in the capital city.

Recently the sacco celebrated its 40th anniversary and rebranded as Taifa Sacco to give it a national image that allows it to operate all over the country.

Why does the sacco want so desperately  to be in Nairobi?

Apart from the fact that Nairobi is the business hub of Eastern Africa, Taifa Sacco has many customers in Nairobi, according to the General Manager.

“We have many customers in Nairobi who operate accounts in various Taifa Sacco branches.

“They are happy that they will no longer be visiting branches for financial services that require them to travel to the branches. We are now taking the services right to their door steps. We shall engage in intensive customer recruitment exercises to win many more customers.”

The sacco has branches in Nyeri, Nyandarua and Laikipia counties. Following closely after the Nairobi branch, the sacco will open a branch in Nakuru.

The Marketing Manager Mr. G.M. Riitho says, “ As we move on, we urge all players to embrace the bigger picture and come together to take to the highest levels of performance and service delivery.

“We are thinking big, and focusing on the future with confidence.”

And Mr. Ngugi says “We shall continue sharing our dreams and aspirations of our members. It is our dream to become one of the largest most successful and well run saccos in Kenya and possibly in Africa. We have what it takes to achieve that dream.”