The long awaited new salary scales for civil servants may not be something to write home about for those affected. Now the disparities that were the true source of discontent seem to have been widened and entrenched. 

In the new structures released by the Salaries and Remunerations Commission (SRC), the lowest-paid public servants, clustered under job grade B1, will move from earning Sh10,786 to Sh14,442 while the highest-paid will earn between Sh321,101 to Sh576,120.

The new salary scheme places those clustered under grade B2 to earn between Sh11,984 to Sh17,508; B3 between Sh13,356 to Sh20,972; B4 from Sh17,505 to Sh24,883; and B5 from Sh20,288 to Sh28,970.

Further, the lowest-paid workers in grade C will earn Sh26,107 while the highest-paid, clustered under C5, will earn Sh81,148.

The lowest-paid in D1 will earn Sh80,729 while the highest-paid under cluster D5 will earn Sh198,267.

High earners under grade E will get a minimum of Sh134,538 and a maximum of Sh576,120 when they reach the peak of the grade clustered as E4.

The salary structure, scheduled to start  in July 2017, just a month before the does no mention the disparities between the civil servants salaries and those of other workers paid from public funds including those in parastatals

The civil servants number some 600,000 public servants.