As we come close to the general elections, the Syokimau Cultural Centre would like to remind Kenyans of Gandhi’s famous saying: “You may never know what results come of your actions but if you do nothing there will be no results.”

Fortunately,  we believe, that all of us as Kenyans are committed to taking action to ensure that there will be no violence – whether in the home or in the streets, in towns or in the rural areas – as a result of the  general elections on August 8, 2017.

We appreciate that Kenyans are worried and fearful. They are worried and fearful because they know violence leads to disruption of life patterns and may also lead to deaths.  And they have good reason. As Kenyans we have seen the disastrous consequences of conflicts from our neighbours. Even in Kenya itself, we came close to the abysses when violence erupted following 2007 elections.


We have since learned our lessons. In the 2013 elections, we scrapped through with minimal violence. We applied the lessons we had learned. But then, the world was also concerned and watching. Today, the world is tired and apparently looking the other way. Are we going to scrap through again? Indications are that we will.

Or rather, we must. We must learn to depend on ourselves for our security and progress. The concept of a Big Brother wielding big stick to put us in line – whether it is the International Criminal Court at The Hague of the Western Block nations is not just humiliating, it is retrogressive. It argues against us as complete human beings. It is demeaning to us as humans, fully created by God to further His work on Earth.

We must act to ensure we get the result we want as Kenyans – peace. And the best action is to promise ourselves to do nothing – in utterances and actions – that will contribute to violence. If we all do that we will not need to have fears and worries because we will have secured the peace we crave.

When asked for his message for the world, Gandhi responded with the now famous line ‘My life is my message.’  Let our lives be our message of peace to the world as Kenyans.