A recent survey shows that the United States of America is the most popular model for national development.

 The results show that America at 30% was followed by China at 24%. About one in 10 respondents prefer their former colonial power (13%) or South Africa (11%) as a model.

The survey also shows that African countries and regions vary widely in their admiration for various development models.

In Southern and North Africa, China matches the United States in popularity, and in Central Africa, China takes the lead (35% vs. 27% for the United States). In five Southern African countries – Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe- South Africa is the most highly regarded development model.

According to the survey report a plurality of Africans see their former colonial power as wielding the greatest external influence in their country (28%), followed by China (23%) and the United States (22%).

France is seen as particularly influential by its former colonies, including Côte d’Ivoire (where 89% of citizens see France as the greatest external influence), Gabon (80%), and Mali (73%). China’s influence is perceived to be highest in Zimbabwe (55%), Mozambique (52%), Sudan (47%), Zambia (47%), South Africa (40%), and Tanzania(40%).

Almost two-thirds (63%) of Africans say China’s influence is “somewhat” or “very” positive, while only 15% see it as somewhat/very negative. Favorable views are most common in Mali (92%), Niger (84%), and Liberia (81%).

 A majority (56%) of Africans also see China’s development assistance as doing a “somewhat” or “very” good job of meeting their country’s needs.

The most important factors contributing to a positive image of China in Africa are its infrastructure and development and business investments and the cost of its products, according to survey respondents, while the quality of its products gives its image a black eye. Political and social considerations rank low among factors affecting China’s image on the continent.

The survey conducted by the Afrobarometer group gave a restricted choice of government models including the United States, China, South Africa and India raising doubts about the authenticity of its findings.

China has gone swing to spread its propaganda across Africa where the ordinary people are increasingly disillusioned by its racism and determination to exploit Africa in a manner that is close to decolonization and occupation of the continent.

Practically every university in Africa is teaching Chinese and Chinese ideology through the Confucius Institutes which the Chinese government is financing.