When he left school in Form Two due to lack of school fees  Solomon Korir was sure he wanted to live in the rural areas. “Life in the rural areas is stress-free and easy,’ Bernard told Investment News philosophically at his farm in Tegat, Belgut. And that meant he would be self-employed. So he joined up with other youth to form a group so that they could uplift their standards of living.

Tea seedlings

They went into tea seedling growing.  However his dream was to start dairy farming, a dream he formed when he saw a successful, zero grazing farm of a neighbor.  With the first loan  of 7000/-which he got from the group, Solomon bought a cow that was bringing him only 2 litres of milk which was hardly enough. He wanted to buy a cow of a better breed. And the only problem was that it took six months for his turn for a loan from the group which would amount to only seven thousand – hardly enough for his farming business. “Fortunately we heard about Imarisha Sacco and its friendly loans.  We  decided to become members as a  group.”

Imarisha Sacco loan

Solomon applied for a loan from the sacco and  a loan of Shs20,000 was quickly processed for him. With the money  Solomon bought a   young heifer of a better breed which gives him 12 liters a day

“I was so excited that I named the cow Imarisha just to remind myself from where I got the money that changed my world!”. He now has  a  modern dairy farm with five cows .

Solomon’s plan is to upgrade his cows to 15 to 20 litres a day each. And he knows he is on the way to doing so. “With Imarisha loans, I believe mine is an achievable dream. His philosophy is to have a dream, be patient and have passion. “You can wait when you have passion.”


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