By Nguli Muli

Over the years, 2NK Sacco has striven to improve business for its members. Key in this effort has been measures to reduce road accidents. Road accidents are not only a problem to the Sacco, they are a problem nationwide. They eat into the profits of transport operators. And they kill people—innocent people.


Statistics graphically demonstrate the seriousness of the problem. According to the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), every year, about 3,000 people die on Kenyan roads. Regionally, Nairobi comes first in that list; accounting for about 20% of the total fatalities. By 2013, accidents had reached an alarming 3,318 deaths.

The larger fraction of the fatalities is made up of pedestrians. Passengers follow closely, then motorists. The lowest number of deaths is that of drivers.
The segment of the population most affected by these accidents is the 24-44 year-olds bracket. While at that age people are more mobile, the NTSA says they are also more reckless.

For example, they are unwilling to use foot bridges, leading to many pedestrian deaths. NTSA also notes that the same age bracket won’t pause their mobile phone activities to either cross roads carefully or drive with full concentration.

Traffic Rules

It was also established that more accidents occur on Saturdays than on any other day of the week. Wednesdays are the safest days to travel or use road in any way, according to statistics. This finding points to drunkenness as being a major cause of road accidents. Further, most accidents are recorded between 6pm and 10pm. Reduced enforcement of traffic rules in these hours could contribute to these findings.
These numbers, unfortunately, have far reaching effects on the individuals, affected families, economy and the investors in the transport sector. One fact is that the bulk of road accident fatalities is made up of young and productive citizens; many of whom are breadwinners to their families and highly productive citizens.


The estimates of the economic losses in annual road accidents are at about Shs45 billion, excluding the actual loss of life.

The sad fact is that most of these accidents result from very easily preventable driver-centered causes. The two leading causes are drunk driving and over speeding among drivers.

2NK Sacco Campaign

It is why 2NK Sacco is in the forefront in taking measures to fight road carnage. We take pride in the fact that we have contributed to the restoration of sanity that is now on our roads. Through vigorous campaigns, road users are becoming more aware of the dangers posed by careless use of roads.

“We, of course, are a part of a group involved in campaigns to reduce road accidents. The Government has collaborated with the players in the transport sector in these road safety campaigns,”  says 2NK sacco.

It is also necessary to acknowledge other players that have stretched their arms to educate the Kenyan public on matters relating to safety on the roads. Matatu Owners Association, East African Breweries, Global Road Safety Partnership, World Health Organization, John Hopkins International School of Public Health, World Bank Global Road Safety Facility, Association of Safe International Road Travel and The World Resources Institute are some of them.

In April this year, the campaign Save 1000 lives was launched jointly by the NTSA and National Road Safety Trust. The campaign listed its key goal as reducing the number of road accidents on our roads by a third in the next 24 months. It intends to mobilize the private sector to effectively actualize and manage its programs.


The result of all these activities has been a decrease in road accidents—and therefore, hopefully an increase in the profitability of transport operators. Last year, for example, 2,907 deaths on the road were recorded; which was an improvement from those recorded in the previous years. This year, the numbers should be much lower, going by current trends and predictions. It is estimated that within the first seven months of this year, about 1,085 people have died in road accidents.

2NK Sacco has played a key role in this effort to make Kenyan roads safe. Its new regulations ensure employment of drivers with good conduct. Towards this end, it has intensified education of drivers on road safety. And above all, we have installed motoring gadgets that have made our vehicles the safest on the roads and reduced losses incurred through bad road usage and driver misconduct.


2NK Sacco has embraced modern technology to help not only reduce road accidents but also to manage its fleet.

The technology provided by Frotcom Limited enables 2NK Sacco to monitor the behavior of drivers and other road users on the road.

That way, we can know and demonstrate who was at fault in the unlikely case of an accident.

Combined with internet access, 2NK members as investors can literally watch over the movement of their vehicles as well as communicate with the driver for fresh instructions and updates.