One of the few companies that have transformed Kenya’s economy and silently created jobs for thousands of Kenyans is the Athi River-based Kenya Meat Commission (KMC). It was established in  in 1950 through an act of parliament to provide ready market for livestock farmers and high quality meat and meat products to consumers.

It is a public institution and by far the oldest and most experienced meat processor in Kenya and the larger East African region.  KMC is a fully integrated meat processor whose strength lies in the unrivaled efficiency of its meat processing plants along with its ability to process high volumes of quality meat in line with consumer’s tastes and preferences.

Helping Farmers

At one time, it is true to say, all butcheries in urban areas depended on meat from KMC, thus helping to develop entrepreneurs who also hired thousands of Kenyans. In addition, it mandate meant that the factory takes up the function of assisting farmers by buying their livestock when there was drought.

Today, the KMC is still committed to consistently providing quality meat products that exceed customer and regulatory requirements through continuous improvement, and maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and product excellence, as well as customer care and service.

Staff Training and Efficiency

It focuses on efficiency, effectiveness and innovation as well as ensuring professionalism in all aspects of our operations.

It has an elaborate program for training its staff in order to build the capacity required to meet the ever changing market needs.

It is for this reason that its meat and meat products are well known not only in Kenya but around the world. You can read more about Kenya Meat Commission in the current issue of Investment News, digital edition