2017 was sure a year of activities and uncertainties for Kenyans.  The Supreme Court made history by annulling a presidential election, making Kenya the third country in the world to have scrapped a presidential election.


A repeat election was boycotted by the main opposition party NASA arguing that the sitting government had refused to allow the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission to create a level playing ground and that as such the election was already rigged – again! Nevertheless, a repeat election was held with one party participating and with the lowest ever turnout ever. And the Supreme Court this time apparently decided they had had enough of politicking. They approved the results and swore in Uhuru Kenyatta as the President.

Frog’s croaking

They say, the croaking of a frog does not prevent cattle drinking water at the river. NASA is not in power and what they can do is only that much. And so it happens that the country is plodding on with many Kenyans showing disappointment and the Jubilee Government of Uhuru Kenyatta moving on regardless. With the New Year, Kenyans may forgot and move ahead. Or they may become more violent and rock the boat – we hope not!

Game changers could be the NASA Peoples Assemblies led by the vocal economist David Ndii. Also significant are the coast peoples’ attempts to secede from Kenya with Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and Kilifi Governor Jeffah Kingi as the leaders to watch.

As below, so it is on Mountain top

Efforts have increased from Kenyans to discuss peace. Church leaders are organizing prayers every now and then. And other prayer groups are now to be found everywhere –including those that pray on Mt. Kenya. Samuel Kamitha of Mumbi and Gikuyu Cultural Museum is the leader of the most vocal of these groups. They believe that praying to traditional gods or God that supposedly live or lives on the giant mountain will bring peace and wealth to the country.  Increasing numbers of diverse ethnic communities participating is an indication of the fact that there are many people who believe in the traditional methods of  solving conflicts.

Science and peace

On the other hand, research in peace is increasing with publications like those of the Syokimau Cultural Centre. And for once, Kenyans are holding the conversations they should have held on Day One since independence in 1963. In the New Year we hope that these efforts will continue and that the Government will start using scientific methods of modern nation building. Ruling by instinct will not do – it will only lead the country into a deep hole. We are pleased to say that many universities are now willing to establish and strengthen peace studies.


Finally we would like to thank all our readers, advertisers, partners and supporters. Elections in countries such as Kenya derail many productive activities. Elections held twice create twice the havoc – maybe more. Let’s all be together in the New Year, supporting and working with each other in freedom, justice and fairness in one Kenya.