As publishers promoting business and investing in the Counties, we would like to express our concern at the destruction of businesses and properties in Kisumu City and other parts of Western Kenya by people claiming to be Cord Coalition demonstrators against the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). No one questions the right of all Kenyans to demonstrate. But no one has the right to destroy properties or harm innocent people.

The stupidity of such action is underlined by the fact that those destroying businesses are the beneficiaries. Investors create wealth. They create opportunities for employment. When you do not have investors, you have idle youth loafing around in the streets and the countryside and becoming a danger to the very people who are destroying businesses. Without businesses, we increase poverty.

That is why counties all over the country are spending millions of shillings organizing events to showcase their business and investment opportunities  because that is the only way they can uplift the living standard of the people. These investors do not necessary come from the local people. They don’t even have to be Kenyans or Africans. They are anyone who has money and who is willing to assist a County in the fight against hunger, ignorance and disease.

Let us demonstrate, if we must. But let’s act in the best interest of the Counties and the Country. That is also acting in the best interest of the self, our families and children. Destroying businesses is like burning ourselves, our families and relatives to make a point.