If you are in business or thinking of starting one, you should be interested in what is happening in Machakos County. With key government investments coming up in the County, especially in areas around  Nairobi city, economic progress of the country is likely to depend on what happens there.

 Some of the projects there are the Konza City of Technology,a key project of the Vision 2030. The city is targeted to produce nearly all the jobs for secondary school leavers when it is complete.

Its purpose is to bring the country at par with the rest of the world in technology and to provide environment for business outsourcing businesses.

The city will create not only  jobs but also business opportunities for all kinds of small businesses.

In the current issue of Investment News, we have featured in detail the industrial development taking place in Machakos County.  If you are really interested in moving your business you need to position it to benefit from this development. Follow what’s happening in the current issue of Investment News and see how you can benefit.