The alternative health community in the USA is abuzz about Black Cumin Seed being a “miracle” herb. Although the herbs many health benefits have been known since ancient times, it is only now the world is beginning to appreciate it.

The rich golden oil derived from black cumin seed is mentioned in The Bible, in the Book of Isaiah. Also known as “Pharoah’s Oil,”it was used by Egyptian Pharoahs to nourish the skin and aid in digestion.  Ir was so treasured that King Tut was buried with a bottle of it.

Now the alternative medicine world in the USA are producing the oil (pictured) where it creating a lot of excitement.


The specific benefits of the oil are derived from 5 major ingredients:

  • Nigellin and Melathin help support healthy intestinal elimination. Sterols may help enhance healthy elimination throughout the body, a process that naturally removes biological waste products.
  • Nigellone and Thymoquinone are two volatile oils known to help relax muscle spasms and support open bronchial tubes for comfortable breathing.
  • Essential Fatty Acids aid in the regulation of normal metabolism, help eliminate toxins, and may help support normal blood circulation and healthy liver function.
  • Prostaglandin produces E1, which helps support the body’s normal regulation of blood flow balance and hormonal balance.